Down To Play Investment Down To Play Investment

Down To Play, the simple app for next match player availability, is looking to secure additional investment through KICKSTARTER

Having got through our first year with some success, we now want to make important updates to make the task of getting player availability across more sports, more simple, including:

  • Down To Play's Multi-Team Selector allowing Clubs to select multiple teams from a single pool of players

  • Down To Play's Formation Builder allowing Managers and Coaches to build formations from players who are available to play

  • Down To Play’s Player of the Match Selector

Funds will also go towards working with Grassroots partners to grow our user base to a level that allows Down To Play to generate modest and steady revenue - enough to deliver continued App improvements requested by the amateur sports community.

If you have read this far, we appreciate your interest, and should Down To Play be an App you'd like to invest in the future of, then we have laid out individual and team-based rewards to thank you for your investment.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss investment options, please contact us at [email protected]